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“That’s all for you!  From a post office a township grew – Lenswood 100 years” BACK AGAIN – WE HAVE PRINTED A LIMITED 3RD PRINT RUN OF THIS POPULAR BOOK. The story of the last 100 years of Lenswood.  Published by The Forest Range and Lenswood History Group to celebrate 100 years since the naming of Lenswood – 1917 – 2017. We sold all copies … Continue reading LENSWOOD 100 BOOK


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!     Reports of “New Year’s Eve’ Pranks, in South Australian newspapers, go back to the late 1800s.  Practical jokes, usually attributed to ‘young bloods’, were popular in country towns when farm machines, gates, vehicles and sign posts were decorated or relocated.  Paint was used in variety of ways from putting the new year or messages on roads, on land marks and even … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR


LENSWOOD is now 100 years old June 5, 1917 “The eastern portion of the Forest Range district has long been inconvenienced by lack of postal facilities. Some residents were situated from two to four miles from the office, and as the bulk of mail business went to that part it was felt that some means should be found to overcome the difficulty. A strong committee has induced … Continue reading LENSWOOD TURNED 100


Next meeting – CLICK HERE for details We meet on the first Thursday of each month (except January) – all welcome. Committee Members: Chair: Peter Stafford Secretary: Evelyn Hay Treasurer: Susette Peterson General committee members: Evelyn Golding      |      Warren Murdoch Cam Stafford   |      Kay Stafford      |      Irene Filsell Margaret Fry     |      Chris Stafford   | … Continue reading MEETINGS


Membership fees are due at 30 June. Our ordinary membership fee is just $20.    That fee will ensure your membership to 30 June 2019.   There are three types of Members: Ordinary membership – open to persons sixteen years of age; may be an individual or family = 1 vote at meetings Life Membership – available to ordinary members who pay, at one time, the equivalent of … Continue reading MEMBERSHIP DUE