HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!    

Reports of “New Year’s Eve’ Pranks, in South Australian newspapers, go back to the late 1800s.  Practical jokes, usually attributed to ‘young bloods’, were popular in country towns when farm machines, gates, vehicles and sign posts were decorated or relocated.  Paint was used in variety of ways from putting the new year or messages on roads, on land marks and even on farm animals!   Witty or clever pranks were generally well received but many were not much better than vandalism.

A reporter in The Mail in 1951 wrote an article saying that, he thought, the prank practice was dying out – Click here to read article.

In our district there have been many celebrated pranks over the decades including:

  • an old vehicle supported on 44-gallon drums next to the cold store
  • what appeared to passer’s by – a mound of dug up turf on the sacred bowling green
  • numerous things, over the years, hoisted up on the school flag pole
  • the ice cream sign at the shop – ‘open on Sunday,’ moved in front of the Methodist Church
  • a boat marooned on ‘Giligan’s island’ in Noddie’s dam
  • the cold store manager’s potted palm floating in Cam’s dam
  • a lawn mower on a pole with a sign advertising mowing in front of an orchard well known for it’s neat mowing
  • a house wrapped in pallet wrapping plastic to welcome home holiday makers
  • the front lawn of Robert and Annette Schultz, next to the school, was turned into a used car sales yard with the overnight appearance of many abandoned vehicles!
  • numerous relocation of ‘For Sale’ signs and painted messages

A popular target for paintwork, for many generations has been the well-known Lenswood landmark, ‘Fred’s Tank.’  It often had a new number painted on it each year with varying degrees of skill!  After the owner of the property died (Young Fred), some of his relatives gave the tank a more professional makeover in honour of Fred and his legacy.  You can read an article on Fred’s Tank on our website – click here.

It is very pleasing to see that 2018 has seen a new refurbishing paint job, done on Fred’s Tank!

Fred’s Tank 2018 – photo courtesy Peter Stafford.

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