The Forest Range and Lenswood History Group Inc.

The history of our part of the Adelaide Hills.

Our Places

Opening of The Mission Hall. ref

Cattle Arch Corner


Mission Hall


Best / Fry / Petersen home

BroomHall (Baum / Fry home)

Eglinton / Fry home

Fred’s Tank

Givendale (Spender / Lloyd / Trevenen home)

Mount Farm (Collins / Vickers home)

Stone Hut (Facebook page)


Forest Range Hotel

Forest Range (former hotel) by Rosemary Waters

Splitters Inn


Jerry’s Flat

Lenswood Research Centre

Lenswood Memorial Park




Deviation Road

Lobethal Road 

Rogers Lane

Swamp Road 

SHOPS – see our Lenswood 100 book for stories of shops


Does anyone have:

  1. Photos of old homes or families?
  2. A photo of the first hall at Forest Range?
  3. Photos of the Primitive Methodist Church?
  4. Photos of old buildings that no longer exist?

Rummage through your old photo box and see what you can share with us.                               

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