The Forest Range and Lenswood History Group Inc.

The history of our part of the Adelaide Hills.

Our Industry

Current industries in the region are fruit growing and wine grape production.  However in the past timber cutting and gold mining were strong.  Share your old photos of farming, information about the various saw mills or even invoices from old shops.

Apple growing

Timber cutting or Charcoal burning


Look through your collection and share your details with us.  View current topics at this link and places of interest at this link.

Gold miners at Forest Range.
Gold miners at Forest Range.
Charcoal burning
Charcoal burning
Timber cutting
Timber cutting
Lenswood Co-operative Coldstores
Lenswood Co-operative Coldstores

2 thoughts on “Our Industry

  1. I believe the second photo from the top is my great-uncle Tom East, I have a photo copy of this. My ancestors were in the timber trade from about 1845 (James East) so one of them may be in the third photo !.
    Carolyn Packham

    1. That’s correct Carolyn. We are pleased that you found the site. You can follow a range of links from the top page at I see you have found us on Facebook at We are building stories of the WWI deaths, you mentioned Easts so if you have anything other than war records let us know or follow our progress at We will be having a commemoration at the memorials on 24 April 2015 to which you and your family are most welcome. After that date we will pop our booklet up for anyone to download as they desire. Hope that you are able to join us.

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