What do you know about shops in the district?

Brock’s Shop, Forest Range.

Do you remember Brock’s shop at Forest Range.   Did you get chocolate frogs from Mrs Brock?  Did your family get petrol there?  Perhaps you even remember when that shop was Lindstrom’s.   Do you have any stories or photos of Brocks/Lindstroms?

Collins General Store

Collins General Store, Forest Range



What about Collin’s shop?  Do you remember getting letters there?

What do you remember about the shop.  Share your memories and photos.

How many other shops have there been?

Mason's shop, Forest Range

Mason’s shop, Forest Range

Does anyone remember the shop next to the oval at Forest Range? One family remembers that each Sunday  a neighbour would drive to the shop to get papers and cigars.  None of the local children would ride with him as the cigar smell was overwhelming!  The shop was run by H Norton and later by LW Mason.

What about the shop by the Ford.  Robert Willance sold everything from that shop near the timber mill in the 1920’s.  Gordon Fry recalled being sent down to get flour.

Did you know that there was a lolly shop in the old Forest Range Pub?  A facebook friend shared “My dad … had a lolly shop in the old pub when they lived there . I still have the scales he used to weigh them . He was in his teens then.”

IMG Lens_0040

Lenswood General Store


Perhaps you even remember when Leaney’s built the shop at Lenswood.

Do you have old photos featuring any of the shops?

What about other, earlier shops?

Share your memories, share the stories your grandparents told you.

Contact the Local History Group or add comments to this page.

2 thoughts on “Shops

  1. Helen Roberts (nee Leaney) says:

    I have fond memories of my childhood at Lenswood. My Parents, Tom & Vicki Leaney built the shop and adjoining house. I used to sell lollies to the children after school to earn some pocket money. My sister Marlene and brother Tony and I went to school at the Lenswood Primary School..
    Helen Roberts (nee Leaney).

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